Ryton Organic Gardens

French marigolds at Ryton Organic Gardens

Important visitor information - Garden Organic has recently completed a sale of its Ryton Gardens site to our key tenant and long-term partner Coventry University.

As part of this change Garden Organic will be leasing an area of the current gardens to develop into a new, smaller, organic garden, demonstrating the principles of organic gardening in a way that can easily be replicated within a domestic or community setting.

The new demonstration garden will be open to members and the public on open days throughout the year, with tours and seasonal advice available to visitors. Entry on open days will continue to be provided to members free of charge. Garden Organic will continue to hold courses at Ryton, whilst also aiming to increase the number of courses available elsewhere across the country. You can find out more about our membership options here, including the Heritage Seed Library.

The current gardens will remain open to visitors on weekdays until Monday 30th September 2019, at which point they will then close to the public, allowing for the redesign of the new garden. We plan to open the new garden in summer 2021 and will share progress throughout the development.

For further information on this change please read our full statement here.

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