The Organic Gardening Podcast

organic gardening podcast

Garden Organic's popular podcast gives you inspirational tips and advice on organic growing. 

Hosted by Chris Collins and Sarah Brown, this popular monthly podcast has been a huge hit for gardeners and growers.  Shortlisted by the Gardening Media Guild as the 2019 and 2020 Podcast of the Year, we've also received 5* reviews from around the world. 

“A lovely new podcast focusing on everything to do with organic gardening. I love the chats between Sarah and Chris. Their passion for gardening really comes over. It’s inspiring and cheerful. I learn something new every time I listen…”

Here's some further information on topics we've discussed each month:

 January 2021
 Planning your planting
 Perennial veg
 Reducing plastic in the garden
 Comfrey – how to grow and use it
 Easy steps to successful seed sowing 



 December 2020
 What to do in the growing area this month
 Bare root planting
 Homemade compost




 November 2020
 What to do in the growing area this month
 Making leafmould
 How to cope with frost
 How to grow winter salads
 Green manures



 October 2020
 What to do in the growing area this month
 How to plan next year's planting
 Making leafmould
 How to save seeds the easy way - tomatoes, beans and peas




It’s easy to subscribe to The Organic Gardening Podcast via your phone app, Itunes, Spotify or your usual podcast provider. Or find it here. Each episode is approx. 45 minutes long. Perfect for when you’re walking the dog, travelling to work, or even relaxing in your own garden. It’s the ideal way to get inspired, the organic way.

Our thanks to Kevin MacLeod who wrote the music 'Open those Bright Eyes'