June podcast - everything you need to know about slugs, and more!

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Join Chris and Fiona in this month's episode as they talk about planting out, weeding and feeding. Chris and Fiona compare notes on their most challenging weed – horsetail for Chris, bindweed for Fiona – and share tips to keep on top of them without reaching for weedkiller.

We’re also joined by slug expert Imogen Cavadino, who shares her passion for these less-than-popular gastropods with Sarah. Did you know that each slug has thousands of tiny teeth - no wonder they make light work of our lettuces, and that they they will often blow themselves from high objects using a mucus rope to avoid concussion if they fall!

Finally we answer questions on durable lawns, what to do with excessive grass clippings and planning to grow throughout autumn and winter.

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Wednesday, 1 June 2022