International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW)

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From the UK to the US to Canada to Europe, Ireland and Australia, international organisations such as ourselves are working together to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, highlighting organics recycling and compost use.

International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) is the largest and most comprehensive education initiative of the organics recycling industry. It is celebrated in many countries throughout the world annually during the first week of May. Started in Canada over twenty-five years ago, ICAW has continued to grow as more people, businesses, municipalities, schools, and organisations recognise the importance of organics recycling and compost use.

This year, the annual week-long event runs from 2nd May – 8th May. During the week, thousands of volunteers worldwide will hold educational activities working together to get the word out about the many benefits of recycling organics and the importance of returning organic matter – compost – back to our soils. One of the main areas of focus this year during ICAW is looking at the process of turning recycled organic materials into compost which creates healthy soils leading to more nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. 

Compost adds carbon back into the soil, storing carbon in soils, promoting water conservation, and slowing down soil erosion and closes the loop by avoiding the loss of valuable organic resources. This fantastic resource provides an ecologically responsible option for managing our organic residuals from garden composting, community composting, on-farm composting, and large-scale organics recycling.

Now more than ever, the world is waking up to the importance of compost, and how it can create not only healthy, nutrient-rich soils but also be an ecologically responsible option for managing organic waste from our homes. 

We are proud to be the official UK partner for International Compost Awareness Week. Through our dedicated team of trainers, advisors, coordinators and our countrywide network of passionate volunteers, we are doing all we can in these unusual times to raise awareness of this simple, natural process, which plays such a vital role in any organic garden.

Rob Whitehouse

We will be sharing events, tips and advice, such as how to go peat-free in your garden throughout the week. So don't miss out! Follow us on Social Media to find out how you can get involved in all things compost.

Sunday, 2 May 2021