DEFRA lifts ban on neonics

Garden Organic is dismayed to learn that DEFRA has granted permission to farmers to begin using neonicotinoids again on rape seed oil crops from this autumn. The Government granted this temporary derogation, following pressure from the National Farmers Union (NFU), who recently submitted a second emergency application for their use.

There is currently an EU-wide ban on the use of neonics, following scientific evidence that they pose a risk to bees and other pollinators. However, under the EU ban, there is an option for member countries to reverse the ban under special circumstances.

Garden Organic opposes the use of toxic neonics because of their devastating impact on our wildlife and we urge all growers to use organic methods, to protect our nation’s diversity. For more information about gardening organically, you can download our Organic Gardening Guidelines here.

Thursday, 23 July 2015