Storing early potatoes

Question ...

I planted a lot of early potatoes this year and because I have been away for much of the summer, I now have a substantial amount of potatoes still to be eaten. They are in our cellar but I notice that they are sprouting. Is it still okay to eat them? Is there any way to discourage sprouting?

Answer ...

Early varieties of potato will not store for more than a few weeks and are usually dug and eaten when required. The potatoes will be safe to eat provided that they are not green in colour when cut open. The shoots can be rubbed off with your thumb then prepare the tubers for cooking in the usual way. Green potatoes can give stomach upsets due to the high levels of glycoalkaloids present. Potatoes turn green when in the light and should be stored in the dark to prevent this. Store potatoes in sacks in the dark at a temperature of between 5-10°C

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