• Top Tips for June

    • Give tomatoes and hanging baskets a comfrey liquid feed.
    • Keep strawberries and raspberries well-watered and netted.
    • Water carefully, soaking the soil not the plant.
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  • Weather worries on the allotment

    After the business of putting in more plants last week, it’s been a quiet one on the allotment for Lucy. Her peas were hit hard by the strong winds and she has been inspired by her weekly organic veg box and the new varieties that she could introduce to her patch.

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  • Frugal Gardening

    Grow your own structures

    Anton is the first to admit that he is terrible at DIY!
    He likes less dangerous things such as growing vegetables and cooking! Find out how he finds the inner builder in himself to create his on structures and barries to help and protect his young veggies...

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  • WSS

    New partnership - Waste Savvy Staffs

    Garden Organic is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Staffordshire County Council to help reduce the county's waste. 

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Featured Person

  • Our Founder

    Lawrence Hills, a freelance journalist and keen organic grower. He was passionate about promoting the potential of the herb comfrey as a natural fertiliser and the benefits of organic growing as a whole.