• Top Tips for December

    • General: Cover tender plants to protect them from frost damage.
    • Vegetables: Start planning your crop rotation for next season’s veg plot.
    • Soil: Protect bare soil during the winter months using autumn leaves, netting or fleece

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  • Chicago Warted Hubbard heritage seed library squash variety

    HSL seed list now online!

    Many HSL members will now have received their printed copy of the 2017 seed list to browse and order from.

    This year the list is as good as ever, with 158 varieties to choose from, including the Chicago Warted Hubbard pictured here, who's ugly exterior hides beautiful golden flesh. Six of this year's varieties are newly available, including the Solid Pink celery with striking pink stems that retain their colour even when cooked, and the Wrobel’s Own runner bean, named after Mr Wrobel who grew it for over 20 years!

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  • Sprout

    Enjoy a greener Christmas

    For many households, Christmas is a time when more waste than usual is produced. Read our handy frequently asked questions for advice on what to do with your dinner left-overs, your wrapping paper, you Christmas cards and your Christmas tree.

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  • christmas

    Shop organically this Christmas

    If you're looking to buy organic and ethical gifts this Christmas, we would recommend shopping from The Organic Gardening Catalogue. To help you choose, we encouraged staff to send Santa their wishes, here's what they chose...

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Featured Person

  • Our Founder

    Lawrence Hills, a freelance journalist and keen organic grower, founded our organisation in 1954. He was passionate about promoting the potential of the herb comfrey as a natural fertiliser and the benefits of organic growing as a whole.