• Top Tips for June

    • General: Keep hoeing off weeds to prevent them seeding
    • Vegetable plot: Sow tender veg if earlier sowings have failed or been eaten
    • Fruit: help nature’s 'June drop' by hand-thinning diseased or damaged top fruit

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  • The glyphosate saga rumbles on

    An impasse between EU nations on whether to allow Monsanto's Roundup and similar weed-killers to continue to be sold means that the European Commission, rather than national politicians, will decide the issue next week.

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  • Glyphosate EU vote this week

    The EU is voting once again this week on the relicensing of glyphosate. After 3 attempts, the EU Commission failed to win support for a proposal to renew the licence for up to 15 years. An appeals committee meet on Thursday 23rd, for a final vote, before the weedkiller's licence runs out on June 30th.

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  • Release of damning report on UK Soil Health

    The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee has just released a damning report on UK Soil Health. “…. some of the most productive agricultural land in the country is at risk of becoming unprofitable within a generation due to soil erosion” cites the report. “(Although) the Government says it will ensure that all soils are managed sustainably by 2030… our inquiry suggests that the Government’s actions do not match its ambition, and casts doubt on whether we are on track to achieve the 2030 goal.”

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Featured Person

  • Our Founder

    Lawrence Hills, a freelance journalist and keen organic grower, founded our organisation in 1954. He was passionate about promoting the potential of the herb comfrey as a natural fertiliser and the benefits of organic growing as a whole.